On Loving One’s Enemies

[T]he true church of Christ embraces in her bosom those God-bearing souls who know God and His love unto death, and who fulfil His commandment. When accused, they do not defend themselves; being reviled, they bless; being persecuted, they suffer it. They return good for evil in imitation of Christ ‘the author and finisher of our faith.’ We, the faithful, are given the blessing to live alongside these Saints of God, and to communicate with them and be saved from error through their prayers.

Archimandrite Zacharias



The Election’s Over: Let’s All Work Together?

I have no desire to comment on yesterday’s U.S. election, especially when Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick has offered such excellent commentary of his own:

The Election’s Over: Let’s All Work Together?.

Request for Help: Holy Trinity Monastery

Apparently, Holy Trinity Monastery on Jordanville, New York is in dire financial straits, and needs funds urgently to make repairs to its facilities, lest the State of New York begin imposing massive and ruinous fines.

Please consider making a donation. This is one of the oldest monastic institutions in the United States, and has produced many treasures of Orthodoxy since its formation–not the least of which is the Prayer Book sitting right now in my home altar.

Donations can be sent to the Monastery directly from the Monastery’s website.

Also, the ROCOR Fund for Assistance is raising funds for the Monastery as well, and will match the first $50,000 raised.

The Fatherly Embrace

Into Thy Fatherly embrace make haste to receive me,

who have wasted my life like the prodigal son.

Consider the unfailing treasure of Thy mercies, O Savior.

Despise not a heart now come to want;

for in compunction I cry unto Thee,

“O Lord, Father, I have sinned against heaven and before Thee.”

The New Narcissism

An excellent post this morning on the blog of Abbot Tryphon of All Merciful Saviour Orthodox Monastery. Definitely worth reading. A snippet:

We are all surrounded by fictional characters, persons who are the invention of filmmakers, promoters, and even self-inventors. It is ignorance of our true nature as children of God that keeps us living as fictional characters, unaware of our own true purpose, the one God has chosen for us. When we stop relying on our own goodness, and stop deluding ourselves into thinking we do not need God, we can cast our entire focus on discovering our true self.

Click here to read the post in its entirety.


Towpath Trail, Cleveland

I just finished a rather lengthy post that will probably never get published. It was about an old friend. I think I just needed to write it to clear my head, and get myself oriented properly. By the end of the post, I’d sorted things myself out. All is well–but the post will probably stay between me and God.

Beauty in Worship

Father James is the priest at my “Seattle” church – and St. Paul Orthodox Church in Brier truly is beautiful.