About Me

Alas, I look little like my namesake, St. Jason of the Seventy.  I also have a long way to go before coming close to his level of faith, and his wondrous works.  To wit, I have yet to be cast into a vat of boiling tar.  However, I am a lawyer by trade.  Give it time…

I am an Orthodox Christian convert, currently splitting time between Seattle and Cleveland.  I earn my keep by practicing employment law, but I’m also something of a photography hack.  I’m also a bit of an IT pro, for those who have need of such a person.

I have no official standing whatsoever in the Orthodox Church, apart from being a member of it.  I am a simple layman.  If you need an “official” Orthodox answer to something then I recommend that you contact your local priest.

Except where indicated otherwise, all content on this blog is my own – including all of the inevitable mistakes.  If you see anything on this blog that causes you concern, by all means contact me using the “Contact” link to the left.


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