Thank You

I do not see any need to continue this blog further. The Internet is filled with far too much chatter. Most of it is useless. Much of it is destructive. While I pray that nothing I wrote is of the latter variety, I am convinced, at the very least, that my time is better spent elsewhere, rather than blathering away online. There are certainly others on the Internet who are far better sources of information than me, especially as I am only just beginning my own road. I will leave my prior posts up and available for those who are interested. But those who need edification and enlightenment should look elsewhere–and you should start with your nearest Orthodox priest.

If you have been offended by anything that I have written, please forgive me. If you have enjoyed anything that I have written, give thanks to God. If you need to track me down individually, you can find me (for now) on Facebook, on Twitter, on my law firm’s blog, or on my law firm’s website. I’ll also try and keep my page reasonably up-to-date.

Glory to God for all things.


One thought on “Thank You

  1. gscrisci

    What’s this all about??


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